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Edited: 8 months ago / May 27, 2020



Full In-Game Name: CG PVT Nate / also Nate
Your STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:0:460559945
Hours Played (Past 2 weeks): 15
Position you are applying for: captain keeli
Previous Experience: I was a high rank on synergy
Why you think you deserve this position: I think i deserve this position becuase I am a hard worker. And I love to have fun and teach people new things. Plus I think I can take the battalion far. 
What will you do in this position: I will make it so the battalion will be the best and make it so everyone is welcome. Also we would be accepting to all no matter what but at the same time getting lots of things done. We will help on missions and we will always give 100 percent at all times. So that what i will do if I am captian keeli I believe I will do great things hope you give me a chance.
Additional Info: I am 15 and very commited to this sever and will make sure our battalion is well behaved at all times.

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