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Edited: 7 months ago / May 30, 2020

RP Name:

— Tacoberry

Steam ID:

— STEAM_0:1:520850221


— Holycow-Lock#4575

How many hours do you have on the server?

— 12 hours

Can you be active in the discord as well as in-game?:

— Yes


— 15



Do you have a functioning microphone?:

— Yes

Any previous staff experiences (If so list them):

— Yes, Lyne RP

Are you currently staff on another server?:

— No

Reason for applying to the staff team:

— The main reason for me to want staff is so I can punish all the rule breakers that ruin the gaming experiences of other people. I want to give players a fun time playing the server and also help new players out with how the server works and if they need help with figuring out something that I will help them. I just don't want people to ruin other people's gaming experience. Also I think it will be a fun time meeting all the other staff

What is unique about you that puts you above other candidates?

— 1. I am to my knowledge pretty mature
2. I have past experiences with being a staff member.
3. I know how to handle sits and treat people properly.
4. I am not a minge. 

5. I am kind

In this scenario, you're a moderator and two senior admins are fighting. What do you do?

- I would go onto discord and DM their higher up

Define a minge:

— Someone who doesn't listen to any rules and has no intent to RP

Define RDM (Give 2 examples):

— When a player randomly kills other players without valid reasons or when someone is upset that they died, even for a legitimate reason.

Do you have any previous punishments from the staff team, if so list the reasons? (Kicks, bans, warns, etc.):

— No

Who is more important, the staff or the players?:

— Players

What are some things you believe you need to improve about yourself to be the best you can be?: I believe I need to improve on the amount of time I play on the server and listen to players a bit better

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