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Posted: 8 months ago / May 26, 2020



RP Name: 


Steam ID:

— STEAM_0:0:460559945


— NATE#6585

How many hours do you have on the server?

—  5 hours but willing to put a lot more.

Can you be active in the discord as well as in-game?:

—  yes I can.


— 15


— NA

Do you have a functioning microphone?:

— yes sir.

Any previous staff experiences (If so list them):

— yes lyneRP its darkRP

Are you currently staff on another server?:

— No

Reason for applying to the staff team:

— The reason I am applying for staff is that I want to really help. I really love helping people learn things in game and even in real life even though I suck at math thats the one thing I cant teach. But even then i will admit to when I am wrong and exept that so I can learn new things.

What is unique about you that puts you above other candidates?

— I am a very fun guy to hang around I may be considedered a slight minge in some people point of veiw. but at least I admit I am kinda one but the real reason is I like to make sure everyone is having fun but when it comes to serious situations I become very serious. But yeah im honest, fun, and love to hang around people.

In this scenario, you're a moderator and two senior admins are fighting. What do you do?

_ I report to anotehr higher up to fix this scenerio

Define a minge:

— A minge is someone that doesnt take in the full RP emmersion and ruins other peoples RP experience

Define RDM (Give 2 examples):

— 1. When another player kills the other player with no reason.

2. Or they kill the other player with no intention in RP.

Do you have any previous punishments from the staff team, if so list the reasons? (Kicks, bans, warns, etc.):

— none 

Who is more important, the staff or the players?:

— players

What are some things you believe you need to improve about yourself to be the best you can be?: What i need to improve is taking some things a little more serious some times. And maybe even listen to other players a bit more. But please be willing to give me a chance I will try my hardest to make the server the best it can be.

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