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Edited: 7 months ago / May 24, 2020



Full In-Game Name: 41st PVT RayRay
Your STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:1:61974953
Hours Played (Past 2 weeks): 1 But im going to be on more I have been active in the discord watching from a distance I just been busy
Position you are applying for: Rex
Previous Experience: I been on Synergy for a long time I am a 1st I was wolfpack 4times.
Why you think you deserve this position: I have experience at commanding troopers and putting in hardwork to make my battalion better, I am ready to put in the harder work as a BCMD.
What will you do in this position: I will be working hard everyday by making the 501st a strong legion that will have discipline and respect, and building them up to the point when its time for the next person after me will have a strong foundation.
Additional Info: I will be on working on the server everyday and in the TS so im here for everybodytoo talk to me.


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