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Posted: 8 months ago / May 18, 2020

RP Name: Spaghetti

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:199307867

Discord: Linguety Spaghetti#3533

How many hours do you have on the server?:  ~1 hour

Can you be active in the discord as well as in-game?: Yes

Age: 15

Timezone: EST

Do you have a functioning microphone?: yes

Any previous staff experiences (If so list them): Senior Admin on Synergy roleplay

Are you currently staff on another server?: No

Reason for applying to the staff team: I want to eventually become a GM and make good events

What is unique about you that puts you above other candidates? I have a lot of experience in SWRP. I was a Commander in the 104th, a Commodore in Naval and the ENG manager (guy who controls ENG)

In this scenario, you're a moderator and two senior admins are fighting. What do you do?: find out why they fighting. depending on the scenario you either bring it to a higher member of staff or you just tell them to seperate for a bit


Define a minge: someone who has no intent to RP and just wants to have their own fun at the expence of others

Define RDM (Give 2 examples): RDM is when someone Randomly without any RP or non-RP reason decides to shoot someone. a CT runs up to another CT and starts shooting them. CG is trying to arrest someone and the person starts shooting at CG.

Do you have any previous punishments from the staff team, if so list the reasons? (Kicks, bans, warns, etc.): no

Who is more important, the staff or the players?: players

What are some things you believe you need to improve about yourself to be the best you can be?: I need to better control my emotions, sometimes I will act on a whim.

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