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Posted: 8 months ago / May 13, 2020



RP Name:


Steam ID:



Cracked Ribs#7390

How many hours do you have on the server?

4 hours

Can you be active in the discord as well as in-game?:

With school over and done with, yes.





Do you have a functioning microphone?:


Any previous staff experiences (If so list them):

I have not had any staff experiences on GMod, but on a few other games such as Rust and Minecraft

Are you currently staff on another server?:


Reason for applying to the staff team:

I realize that this is a new server, and you need people. What I want is for all the refining to be done as soon as possible to let the players enjoy this server to its fullest potential, and I want to help that along as much as I possibly can.

What is unique about you that puts you above other candidates?

There isn't much about me that puts me above the rest, except for my ability to listen, understand, and cooperate. I have above average problem solving skills, an uncanny ability to learn new things quickly (mainly languages for some reason), and a desire to help people, not just punish them.

In this scenario, you're a moderator and two senior admins are fighting. What do you do?

Calm them down, listen to both sides, help them come to a decision or a compromise.

Define a minge:

A minge is someone who has no intent to become part of the roleplay, someone who continuously breaks the rules for attention. A minge can be anything from a person using micspam or someone who MRDM's an entire battalion. A minge takes satisfaction from the frustration of others when they dont conform to the rules of the server they are on.

Define RDM (Give 2 examples):

RDM is an unprovoked attack on another player, either event job, brother, or otherwise. It can be as simple as shooting someone a few times, or mowing down an entire hallway or room. 

Do you have any previous punishments from the staff team, if so list the reasons? (Kicks, bans, warns, etc.):


Who is more important, the staff or the players?:

The players are always the most important part. Without the support of the players, a server can't survive.

What are some things you believe you need to improve about yourself to be the best you can be?:

I do have a few things I need to improve, and the most important of those things is my lack of knowledge. If one quote were to describe me, it would be this "Odin gave his eye for knowledge, but I would give much more." Another things I need to improve is my communication. Usually when I talk, it's 75% humor, and 25% meaning, and I think I need to improve on that. Some others include: player relations, listening, and response consistency.

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